Ref#: P1236

Our mission.

As the world’s number 1 job site, our mission is to help people get jobs. We need talented, passionate people working together to make this happen. We are looking to grow our teams with people who share our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for job seekers.

The team.

We are a rapidly growing and focused product team building the most popular job site on the planet. Every month, over 200 million people count on Indeed to help them find jobs, make it easy to apply, research companies, and connect qualified candidates to their job openings. With product teams in Austin, Tokyo, Seattle, San Francisco, Singapore and Hyderabad, we are improving people's lives all around the world, one job at a time.

Your job.

As a Senior Product Manager, you will work closely with engineering and product science (data). You’ll help refine and build tools that capture employers with hiring needs and make strategic decisions on whether they should be sold or marketed to. Ultimately our goal is that all employers with hiring needs are on Indeed, and all employers who would benefit from learning about our paid products are in contact with the appropriate salesperson.  

On any given day you may find yourself analyzing test data, debugging a process (or putting together a new one) or working with our data scientists on better, more efficient models that route our most promising leads to the appropriate sales-person.

Our stakeholders/customers are primarily internal, and touch every aspect of the business, including Sales, Marketing, Finance, International, as well as Job Search and Employer teams.  You will learn a lot and your work will directly increase Indeed’s revenue.

An important objective is to deliver the best leads to our Sales colleagues.  This helps them hit their quotas, which allows Indeed to continue to grow and help people get jobs.  Our ideal candidate clearly sees this connection and cares that we deliver.

Some questions for which you will find answers and implement solutions: How do we identify companies with hiring needs outside of Indeed? How do we evaluate the quality of leads from different sources? How do we know if a lead should be sold to vs left to spend on their own? How do we decrease manual assignments and increase efficiency? When is the right time to send a lead to a salesperson? What information should be sent with a lead, to make sales outreach easier and more informed?

About you.

Product Managers at Indeed are analytical, creative, and collaborative. We obsess over data and drive for simplicity. You will guide the team by exemplifying these core values.

Product Managers have the responsibility to deliver results, but no direct authority over peers in Engineering and Design. A successful Product Manager leads by developing the trust and respect of teammates.  You, and your peers, will be custodians of the Indeed culture of data and collaboration.

You will work closely with the engineering and product science on a daily basis. You will define requirements, analyze A/B tests and design processes.

Indeed’s product development philosophy is similar to the Lean Startup philosophy. You will create Minimal Viable Products (MVPs), prototypes of new products, simple tests to validate ideas and iterate. You will NOT be an armchair Product Manager writing large PRDs and handing them off to the development team. Most Product Managers at Indeed don’t even know what a PRD is.

You will enjoy a casual work environment, flexible hours, and great compensation and benefits. There is a complete lack of office politics; if that is your specialty, look elsewhere.

You will wear many hats and constantly learn new things on the job. You will be surrounded by smart, dedicated, nice people. You will be proud of the company’s mission and your products' impact.

On your first day, we will give you a t-shirt that says, "I help people get jobs." Soon after, you will be wearing your shirt at the grocery store and someone will come up and say, "I love Indeed! I found my job on Indeed. Thank you!" You will smile for the rest of the day. This will happen a lot.


  • Build products and processes that help people get jobs and help employers make hires
  • Understand pain points and create simple solutions
  • Validate ideas by performing experiments and analyzing the results
  • Define product goals and metrics
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities
  • Communicate well and influence colleagues and executives
  • Demonstrate leadership and gain respect across functions/teams
  • Demonstrate attention to detail


  • BA/BS, software/data/technical field preferred.
  • Consumer mobile or internet software product management experience
  • Familiarity with
  • Interest in building internal-facing products and features
  • Experience with sales/service technologies (e.g. CRM, multi-channel communications, commissions calculator, etc.)
  • Experience working with large Sales, Client Services, Customer Support, or Finance teams.
  • Understanding of web development technology
  • Outstanding data analysis skills
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Ability to make data-driven business decisions