Ref#: R0008169

Our mission.

As the world’s number 1 job site, our mission is to help people get jobs. We need talented, passionate people working together to make this happen. We are looking to grow our teams with people who share our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for job seekers.

The team.

We are builders, we are integrators. Tech Services creates and optimizes solutions for a rapidly growing business on a global scale. We work with distributed infrastructure, petabytes of data, and billions of transactions with no limitations on your creativity. You don’t have to wait for some architect or manager to tell you what you can work on - you decide the priorities. With tech hubs in Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Tokyo and Hyderabad, we are improving people's lives all around the world, one job at a time.

Your job.

As a Core Services Lead, you are a leader for a variety of technical specialists. Your broad technical knowledge acts as a sounding board for the team members looking for direction, and your experience helps to avoid pitfalls in adopting new technologies.  You enjoy keeping up-to-date on the diversity of tasks being organized and executed by the self-directed teams under your lead, using project management skills to help keep things organized.  You can write a script to automate a task, or write a project plan for a complex software upgrade.  Your communication skills are solid, and you relish an opportunity to talk to other teams about how you and your teams can help them, but you also can sit and listen to team members in one-on-ones, helping them to shape their own future through coaching and training.


  • Work with the specialist teams (Queuing, Cloud, Search, ConfigMgmt, and Deliverability) to guide their progress in quarterly goals
  • Suggest improvements in configuration management and process, documenting and automating where possible
  • Evaluate and implement processes for onboarding new technologies
  • Communicate regularly with Engineering leadership, evangelizing Core Service specialists as consultants to improve their products
  • Build and track SLOs and SLAs on Core Service products, directing resources as needed to ensure that these important agreements are met.
  • Maintain on-call schedules for Core Service members, developing escalation paths for critical technologies
  • Regularly meet with team members in one-on-ones, helping to unblock them in their tasks, but also coaching them for career development and training opportunities
  • Triage Core Services tickets, prioritizing high-profile tasks and helping to move stalled tasks forward.
  • Work with team members to build out capacity planning models for their vertical, requesting resources as needed to maintain SLOs in the face of growth

About you.


  • Extensive knowledge of Linux Administration and Engineering
    • We use CentOS/Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), you should too.
    • You can read and interpret IETF standards and RFCs
    • systemd?  Love it or hate it, you realize it's just another tool to use.
    • You’re as comfortable with /bin/perf as you are with /bin/ls.
  • Experience leading a team of self-directed individuals towards common goals
  • Well-organized project skills.  Spreadsheets are your friends, but so are Kanban boards and ticket queues.
  • An advanced background with a higher level scripting language, such as Perl, Python, or Ruby.
  • A willingness to take responsibility, accountability, and ownership.
  • A willingness to mentor and teach people what you know.
  • Broadly knowledgeable.  You want to know something about everything and already have a head start.
  • Experience onboarding and managing technologies like these:
    • Cloud (AWS, OpenStack, GCE)
    • Queueing (RabbitMQ, Kafka, SQS, ActiveMQ)
    • Distributed Search/Logging (ElasticSearch/Solr/LogStash)
    • Release Engineering (GitLab, Jenkins, Nexus/npm)